Du 05/07/2021 au 09/07/2021

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - 43, bd du 11 novembre 1918 - 69622 Villeurbanne


Official conference website: https://www.vacuumnanoelectronics.org

IVNC 2021 : VIRTUAL CONFERENCE, 5-9 July, 2021.
Dear potential IVNC2021 participants,

After holding out as long as possible, with great regret we bow to the inevitable and go for a Virtual conference. That’s life. There is just too much doubt whether the raging pandemic will abate soon enough to allow a proper planning of the conference and participants’ travel plans. Even the reserved venue cannot yet be 100 % certain. The Steering Committee was asked their opinion and were unanimous that we hold a virtual version.
Now our aim is to make this a worthwhile, “not to be missed”, virtual meeting on vacuum electron physics and to show the vitality of this internationally implanted subject. The experience of many virtual conferences will be brought into play to make this a smoother event than the first somewhat amateur offering.
The first pillar of IVNC 2021 will be your submissions which we will be encouraging over the coming months. A balance will be sought between students’ and established researchers’ participations as both have professional aims to achieve and certainly a bursting backlog of results to present.

The second pillar is the list of high quality invited speakers and tutorialists that have agreed to present and that will make this a full scientific experience.
There will be some scheduling difficulties to work out with respect to the number of days and number of presentations and of course the unsolvable time zone problem. So keep checking the web site and don’t be afraid to make suggestions.
The inscription process will soon be up and running. We are asking a modest fee of 100€ from permanent researchers and 50€ for students to offset organizational costs. This unfortunately will reduce the number of viewers but will also select those more committed to the subject. Let us finish by wishing you well in these trying times and that we are looking forward to a participation of many of you in the IVNC 2021.

Co-chairmen Stephen Purcell, University Lyon 1, and Jean-Paul Mazellier Thales. February 1st, 2021.